Performance Pressure and Depression Go Hand-in-Hand – How Today's Hardworking Professionals Are at Risk

Many of us constantly strive for worldly success. And it is normal and healthy to feel a drive to succeed, to improve, and to better ourselves.

Whether we want to be better within our own families, in our schooling, at our jobs, or with our own personal endeavors, a certain amount of “performance pressure” can help us grow and develop.

Often, however, this pressure to succeed becomes an overwhelming force.

5 Most Common Forms of Anxiety and How to Manage Them

Anxiety is an everyday fact of life for many people.

Though, it may surprise you to know that there are actually different forms of anxiety which manifest through a great variety of symptoms.

If you have been struggling with persistent anxious thoughts, panic attacks, unexplained phobias and fears, or other feelings of worry, how can you know which type of anxiety they may be connected to? And what can you do to manage these symptoms?